Tours 🗺️

UI/UX Design

114 participants


UI/UX Design for a website that helps tourists find the most appropriate tours with the best tour guides to provide you with everything you need.
Design: The page for booking tour guides.
For: tourists need a page for booking.
To help: users understand all the details of the tour.

The Design

  • Photos
  • Tour guide name
  • Calendar picker (Users will pick start to end date of their tours)
  • Map containing the location of the tours.
  • Tour details:
    • Tour guide name
    • Description
    • Reviews
Add whatever you see creative 🚀

Extra Details

You’re free to be creative & imaginative.


Design a prototype for the app described above and submit the following:
  • Design source file (e.g., *.fig for Figma, *. xd for Adobe XD)
  • Link to working prototype (e.g.,
  • Assessment Criteria

    Meet the users’ needs

    Innovation and Creativity


    Visual appeal and aesthetics