Reactive Train 🚂


37 participants


Developing a ReactsJs website where users can reserve a ticket for a train trip.

General Rules

Please make sure you have a clean UI, Please make sure files and folders are properly organized, and make sure all design items, libraries, and any other resources are properly licensed.


    You have the freedom to choose any UI you want (Please be creative), if you need inspiration check out this example

Required Deliverables:

  1. GitHub source (please upload your source code to GitHub and share the repository link)
  2. Website link

The Requirement:

  1. Login and register function
  2. Reservation page(Main)
    • Pick date, time, from-to
    • option for 1 way or round trip
    • How many travelers(adults-kids-Special needs)
  3. Available reservation trips(After choosing a trip)
    • pick a seat
    • luggage size
  4. Payment Gate
      after payment it opens the ticket summary
  5. Ticket summary
      show past and current tickets
  6. Navigation bar contains
    • main page
    • user info (login / sign in)
    • language
    • dark-light theme
  7. Bonus: Animations

NOTE: this challenge is purely front-end, handle clicks and navigation from the client-side there is no need to store data and login info

Assessment Criteria


Responsive Design

Code Structure