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.Net Core Quotes Web Application

Create a .Net Core MVC quotes web application with Razor Views and API endpoints with the following entities:


Data Fields Id: auto-incremented Text: the content of the quote, should allow Unicode CreatedAt: timestamp Author: quote author, linked to author entity


getRandomQuote, getQuoteByAuthor, addQuote, deleteQuote, updateQuote, listQuotes


Data Fields

Id: auto-incremented

Name: author's name

CreatedAt: timestamp


addAuthor, deleteAuthor, UpdateAuthor, listAuthors


  • Razor Views
    • All CRUD functionalities should have a web interface and utilize web controllers
    • Please create a view that lists all quotes, this page should include a dropdown to filter quotes by author, it should also include a button that once clicked retrieves a random quote by calling the API
    • Please create a view that lists all authors, if an author name is clicked the quotes list page above should open showing only quotes by this author

  • API endpoints

    You are required to create API controllers for all methods in the entities
    *You are not required to use these endpoints in the views except for getRandomQuote as stated above

  • Database and Migrations MSSQL or SQLLite database should host the data, please use code-first migrations to create the database
  • Authentication Authors CRUD functionalities in the web-interface should require authentication with proper razor views *You do not need to have authentication in the API


  • Prototype: a live application link, you can use a free Azure account or AWS free tier
  • Source: a github link of the project source

Assessment Criteria

Clean Code and Proper Structure

Web & API Controllers

Models and Database

Client-Side Views