Movie App 🎥


149 participants


Developing a Flutter mobile app where users explore movies.


You have the freedom to choose any UI you want (Please be creative), and you can find an example in UI Example

General Rules

Please make sure you have a clean UI, Please make sure files and folders are properly organized, and make sure all design items, libraries, and any other resources are properly licensed.


  1. GitHub source (please upload your source code to GitHub and share the repository link)

  2. Android APK

Functional Requirements

The application should do:

Shows the upcoming movies. Shows the trending movies. Shows now playing movies. Shows all movies based on the category like action, drama, animation, or else. The user can add/remove a movie to/from the favorites list. Show The details when clicking on a movie: poster, name, rating, number of reviews, description, and cast.


Create intro screen on app launch Animations, Shimmers Pagination

Technical Requirements

NOTE: Here is the API documentation


You have to get an API key to get access to the APIs.

Favorite Movies

The favorite movies should be available each time the user opens the app.

Assessment Criteria


Folders and Files Structure

Communication with APIs

Error Handling