KFU Design Hackathon 🏆

UI/UX Design


From Al-Ahsa, specifically from King Faisal University! The Google Developers Student Club is holding a hackathon to design the interfaces of a tourism application for the city of Al-Ahsa, including the activities of Al-Ahsa from tourist places and tour guides, according to criteria set by the Google Club at King Faisal University.

Required Deliverables:

You are required to design a prototype for the app using tools like (Sketch, Adobe XD, Figma, etc.).

  • Design source files (e.g. .fig file)
  • A link to a working prototype (e.g. figma.com/file/xxxxx)

Assessment Criteria

Commitment to designing the required interfaces:

The design of four interfaces for a tourism application for the city of Al-Ahsa, which includes the following:

  1. Home page interface and login.
  2. An interface for the tourist places in Al-Ahsa (contains information and evaluation).
  3. Interface to book tour guides (virtual names and evaluation).
  4. The interface of the personal page, which includes reservations, visits, and preferences.

Color Template:

  1. #D8B199
  2. #B59283
  3. #304655
  4. #515561

Visibility and Clarity:

There are basic elements that the user deals with. The designer of user interfaces must make them clear and easy to see, whether for the correct user or for the user who suffers from vision problems related to the ability to distinguish colors or distinguish shapes in small sizes, and this includes, for example:

  1. Visibility of the main menu buttons.
  2. Clarity of alerts and important messages.
  3. Clarity of the main texts in the interface.


Consistency means that the interface elements have a visual as well as interactive unity, allowing the user to make correct assumptions about them, whether in terms of color, lines, shape, or spaces between the elements. The main titles can be distinguished by their similar sizes and colors, and the buttons can also be distinguished. And distinguish their functions by colors and sizes and the way they interact.

Assessment Criteria

Commitment to designing the required interfaces

Visibility and Clarity


Using Color Template