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A Senior Software Engineer is scouting for individuals possessing a unique blend of talent and creative idea for his company.

Prizes & Opportunities

Entering this challenge opens doors to career opportunities presented by the challenge creator.

The top three participants will also receive cash prizes

1ST: 1250 SR

2ND: 700 SR

3RD: 300 SR


Your task is to build an interactive website. This website should work as a chat platform where users can make their own chat rooms, chat in real-time, and share files easily. This challenge is your chance to show your coding skills and creative ideas.


These technologies are preferences rather than strict requirements. If you have proficiency in similar technologies or strong cases for alternatives, you are encouraged to employ those. Our goal here is to pick talented individuals with good understanding of web technologies.

  1. Next.js
  1. Functional React
  1. TypeScript:
  1. Tailwind CSS
  1. Strapi
  1. Radix UI
  1. Storybook

You will get more details about the technical requirements once you join the challenge