Adhan And Thikr App Challenge


31 participants

Description Developing a Flutter mobile app that allows users to check Prayer timings and access a thikr counter.

UI Participants have the freedom to design their own app user interface.

General Rules

Please make sure you have a clean UI. Files and folders are properly organized, and make sure all design items, libraries, and any other resources are properly licensed.


  • GitHub source (upload your source code to GitHub and share the repository link)
  • Android APK

Functional Requirements

Feature 1:

  • Automatically find location of user.
  • Manually search for another city.
  • Save favorite cities.
  • Display prayer times.
  • View prayer times for future/past days.
  • Send notifications to user when its Athan time.

Feature 1:

  • Display a list of most common Thikr.
  • Each Thikr should have a unique counter page.
  • Each counter page should contain a restart counter option.
  • The user should be able to pin Thikr at the top of the Thikr list.


Assessment Criteria


Code Structure

API Usage

State Management